PIE OR BUY? Foot nourishing sock pack by Superdrug (Review)

I picked these up in Superdrug during a mini haul for £1.99.  They are pretty easy to put on you just require a pair of scisscors!

They are like mini snow boots 🙂

They are really refreshing and cold on your feet, you can’t really walk around in them so make sure your chilling at home (perfect for a home pamper evening).

After 20 minutes you can take them off, wash and dry your feet and then its results time.  I have to admit whilst I was wearing the boots I didn’t think I was going to notice any difference after but I was wrong.

I was left with super smooth refreshed feet, definitely worth the money 💰



PIE OR BUY? Nando’s houmous with peri peri drizzle by Tesco (Review)


Tesco are now selling this pot of heaven! Yes it’s houmous, and yes it comes with a Nando’s peri peri drizzle!!!!!!!!!

The packaging is super cute ❤️ and it tastes amazing if your a houmous lover or your a first timer it’s definitely worth giving this little beaut a try.

Drizzle your peri or throw it all in at once and you will get a subtle but good kick, it definitely adds a twist on your regular houmous! £1.50 from your nearest Tesco.


PIE OR BUY? Hizenberg e-liquid by Simply Eliquid (Review)

If your a vivid vaper or new to the vaping world drop your vapestick, and head to Simply ELiquid to check out their hizenberg vape juice.

I have been vaping for 3 years and I’m astounded at what I have been missing out on, this juice is the most amazing vape I have come across.  Hizenberg promises you a mix Blue Raspberry, Blueberries and Menthol and wow they really do deliver, it’s such a powerful and sweet taste all at the same time with a subtle punch of menthol as you vape, the blueberry and blue raspberry has a high quality fruity taste which explodes your tastebuds, Zooom Booom thank you very much this is my new flavour and it’s going to take precedence over any other flavour or brand going into my tank for now.

You can order direct from their site and your vapes are delivered in such a cute capsule which is perfect for when your on the go.  The packaging design is also really a nice touch.


If you’re a vaper as I said try this new flavour don’t miss out get ordering.

PIE OR BUY? Bottega Veneta eau de parfum (Review) 

Perfectly packaged the perfume bottle screams luxury before you have even put it on. The bottle is beautifully designed with a frosted design on the bottom and a cute velvet tie around the neck of the bottle. This is the longest lasting perfume I have ever worn, it has a powerful scent so you don’t want to overpower yourself with it, with only requiring a squirt or two this would be a long lasting perfume without a doubt, the scent is very distinct and you can really smell the citrus of the bergamot. This perfume is perfect for any evening out it’s absolutely beautiful, since I have been wearing it I have had a few compliments already. It’s lovely, it’s definitely top of my favourites and suitable for women of all ages. When I’m wearing it I’m confident others can smell it which is important to me I like a powerful perfume that is long lasting.

PIE OR BUY? Wi-fi smart plug by VPRAWLS (Review)

Smart plugs have turned my house into a mini smart home, at an affordable price.

For those that don’t already know smart plugs enable you to control a device using voice activation or simply by using the app to switch your device on when your away from home.

I bought a bundle of these plugs on Amazon along with an Alexa Dot, it’s so easy to connect them up and literally it takes 10 minutes and your on your way to creating your smart home through an app on your phone.

The plugs are good quality, come well packed and all link to the app very easily.  They are also available on amazon prime, if your a prime member.

I’m still a beginner but I can now turn on lamps, a fan or my hair straighteners by just asking alexa.  It makes life a lot easier!

You can buy the plugs on the link below: Mini Wi-Fi Smart plug on Amazon

I really recommend these or any other smart plug they are a good start and get you making the most out of your amazon dot.  It won’t take long before your hunting round the house looking for devices to turn smart!


PIE OR BUY? iOS SNATCH game (Review + Codes)

This is an app I play on a daily basis and it’s really fab, a lot of people ask me about it so I thought why not review it, free to download on iOS!

The aim of the game is to snatch parcels there are two ways of doing this, from fellow players nearby or using the map provided on the app.

You start with 500 coins and a few diamonds which you can exchange for superpowers and defence weapons to prevent others from stealing parcels from you.

Once you have a parcel you need to do your best to protect it, sometimes it’s easy and other times other players will constantly try and steal from you.

So what’s in the parcels? This is the best bit. When your parcel is ready to open it can contain a stash of coins or diamonds or a prize!  The prizes change constantly and range from money, to a free pint, money off vouchers, NOW tv codes, free t-shirts the list goes on, sometimes offering some real high end prizes, to date the biggest I have seen so far is £1000 and a deposit towards a house!  Basically this is a fab app and it’s definitely worth playing if you fancy something new.

I have a referral code which will give you an additional bundle of coins.  GET FREE COINS ON SNATCH

Get snatching don’t miss out it’s seriously fun and addictive!


PIE OR BUY? Bueno Coconut by KINDER (Review)

Full disclosure I’m a huge fan of any kinder products, this was no exception, however there are negatives.  Don’t eat this without a plate unless your outside, the coconut falls off the bars and makes a huge mess.

The coconut taste doesn’t really come through for me, it still hugely tastes of hazelnut and I didn’t actually really taste any difference with it being white chocolate, but … it’s still good and I’m pleased to see kinder are releasing new flavours of the bueno!!

OVERALL VERDICT: BUY but don’t eat in your Sunday bests, or your freshly polished kitchen table.

PIE OR BUY? 3 day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale (Review)

So this week I have decided to embark on the Jason Vale 3 Day Juice Challenge.

I bought 30 pounds worth of fruit, I bought a juicer, I already had a blender and I downloaded the jason vale super juice me app (6.99 on the app store)

The idea of the juice diet, is basically you just live on liquids, blended from various fruits and vegetables, you can start off on the 3 day plan, but the plan can take you up to 28 days.  I got the idea by watching one of Jason’s documentaries and thought how easy it looked, yeah I can do 28 days easy.
I got to day 1, the app is really easy to use, it provides a shopping list which makes life really easy, and I just ordered all the items from Amazon Fresh.  The app provides step by step detail on how to make your juices.

Day 1.  09:00am Starting with a Ginger shot – wasn’t too bad infact I quite liked it

Day1.  10:00am Followed by Protein Rich Powerhouse – again I really liked this juice

Starting to get real hungry and ready for my next shake an hour earlier than it was due, but I held out and just filled myself up with water.

Day 1.  1:00pm Followed by Breath of Fresh Air – there was nothing fresh about this, it tasted awful and I wanted to puke the main ingredient was beetroot … already feeling a failure because there was no way I could drink this, I made Day 2’s lunchtime juice Chlorophyll Cleaner…. because I thought at least if this is nice and I can stomach it, Im still sticking to the plan, ok this was worse, jesus I looked in my fridge:

  • I had Protein Rich Powerhouse still to drink at 7:00pm which I had made bulk from the morning
  • I still had the Breath of Fresh Air that I was due to drink again at 4:00pm
  • I had made the Chlorophyll Cleaner hanging around because I made that in bulk too

My kitchen looked like I had a fruit and vegetable fight and the fruit flies were starting to  congregate in the kitchen.  I was really bloody hungry at this point too … and my mind started wandering, don’t worry I didn’t go hungry.

I ordered Pizza Hut because they had a deal on for 1 person 11.99, then I added a Garlic Bread Side and Side of Nachos.  Problem Solved.

I wasted over 152.00 pounds on this, and it lasted around 6 hours, that doesn’t include the price I paid for my pizza hut delivery.  You really need to be strong willed for this plan and be able to drink juices that you don’t like.


PIE OR BUY? Table Lamp by IKEA UK (Review)

During a haul at IKEA last week I picked up this table lamp, it was £25.00 (without the bulb), the lamp itself is really cute, and creates such a lovely vibe in our lounge.

You can actually attach these to the wall to create a wall lighting, or you could even put them on the floor, IKEA do sell this also in a floor lamp which is much bigger and priced at £45.00.

Such a cute accessory to add to your home and available currently in two colours, I bought a smartplug for this lamp, and hooked it up to Alexa so all I need to say is “Alexa please turn the lamp on” and tadaaaaaa on goes the lamp 🙂


PIE OR BUY? Red Vape e-liquids by Red Vape (Review)

For all you vapers out there we all know how hard it is to nail a flavour you actually like.  I have been through so many different types of flavours over the years and I think I have finally found the brand where I like more than 1 flavour and I can get it delivered to my front door!

Red Vape offer some great premium and luxury juices and I started with three to try and I love ❤️ two of them!
I started out with strawberry fusion this really is my new love, it’s so fruity it really lives up to its name!  I get so many comments when vaping it on how good it smells.  Stock up on this if your a strawberry fan!

I then moved onto trinity creme it’s super creamy and tastes just like caramel but for me I’m not a caramel fan so it wasn’t my favourite out of the three – if your a chocolate, coffee or caramel vaper this is for you.

Noble mint is not super minty more of a spearmint and it’s so refreshing.  It’s so hard to really nail a good minty vape I have been through a lot but redvape have really nailed this minty one.

The juices seem to last forever they are pretty thick consistency and I think that’s the key to not have to keep topping up.

If your struggling to find some new vapes check out Red Vape the prices are very good and delivery is quiiiiicccck!


PIE OR BUY? B-12 Super Energy Patch by PurOrganica (Review)

I bought these patches on Amazon in desperation because I have had a cold and nasty cough for 2 weeks having no energy at all and struggling I bought these to give me an energy boost.  They were £11.00 and available on Amazon Prime.

You get 16 in a pack and they recommend you wear 1-2 a week, just by sticking them in an area that isnt exposed all the time, so I put mine behind my ear, they stay on your skin there is no doubt about that, even after showering and washing my hair they are still really stuck.

They have made no change at all to my energy levels, I really dont think they work at all in fact I have never felt more tired this week!  If your out of energy and thinking of purchasing these dont, just grab a lucozade.


PIE OR BUY? Chicken Delicious by Pure Pet Food (Review & Discount Code)

Toby is 12 years old next week and is probably the fussiest dog ever, I have had no end of problems getting him to be eager about meal times in the whole 12 years I have had him, weve gone through so many different brands and types of food, from branded foods, to actual human meal prep foods which have been so costly, he has demanded fresh chicken, and the finest turkey or beef money can buy, but giving him fresh turkey or chicken has never really been the answer because he then ends up with gastro problems and then I have found myself parting with 80 pounds at the vets for stomach settlers!

So I came across a website Pure Pet Food and decided to order Chicken Delicious which is a recipe for Fussy Dogs!! I really thought the usual would happen and when I say the usual I mean Toby walks to the food bowl, sniffs and then just walks back off upstairs …. that didnt happen…… what happened next …

Toby ate the whole lot, I couldnt believe it, he also ate it in his food bowl that he would never ever EVER eat out off.  It may sound stupid to you reading this, but this dog is really fussy as hell, and we’ve mastered it, finally after all these years we have found a food that he waits for in the morning, and he waits for at dinner time.

He will watch me make it, normally I have to drag him out of bed.  Hes like a teenage boy!  The best thing about this, is Im not squeamish if it touches my hands, it smells good and its so bloody easy to make, just add warm water from the tap!!  Its not full of crap or hidden ingredients.

One scoop in the bowl and add warm water!!! Mealtimes are a dream now for both of us!

Pure pet food offer a range of products, such as Complete Recipes, Treats and Toppings or Mixers, in a range of flavours too and for puppies and senior dogs, one of the things I like the most about what they offer is for each product they detail how it can help or improve your pups health, the delivery is fast and they offer you a time slot so you wont miss your delivery.  If you have a new pup, a fussy dog, or a dog with re-occuring health problems I would 100% recommend this product, its definately changed dinner times in my household, and I wont go back, I think Toby will agree!

Check out there website for more information and a staggering 40% off starter packs. Get 40% discount NOW

Get 40% off your order now, your dog will love you forever, trust me.


PIE OR BUY? Graze Boxes by GRAZE (Review & Code)

Graze boxes are probably the most popular thing in my household right now.  First my wife signed up, and her box was arriving every 2 weeks and I was desperate to open it when it came through the letterbox, so to prevent me from being tempted I ended up just ordering my own!

Graze has really changed over the last few years and now they offer so much more than when I last subbed with them.  More importantly for me they now offer light boxes which are under 150 cals each!

You can subscribe weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly, its your choice and once you do subscribe they offer you lots of discounts and freebies.

These boxes below are 5.99 each and they give you a 5.00 off code a little while after sign up, they are fab because they come in the carton holders which look great in the cupboard, especially if you have OCD!

You can choose which snacks you like and don’t like during subscription that way you can ensure you don’t get anything you don’t like, then once they do arrive, you can rate each snack, so graze know whether or not to send you them again in the future!

The snacks are really handy especially for elevenses! I have them for breakfast or take them to work, and they fit in your handbag nicely!

Some of the snacks even come with a teabag!! Packaging is fab and postage is quick!

If you do fancy giving these a try you can use my reward code 9Y3PT967P you can get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes totally FREE.




PIE OR BUY? Still Vitamin Water by HEY LIKE WOW (Review)

I had never seen these drinks in the supermarket until yesterday when I popped to Tesco, the only other place I had seen them was on Instagram and they were being endorsed by Katie Prices children.

Its basically a bottle of water, but you inject the vitamins into it, shake it and then drink!

I needed a vitamin injection! At 1.25 a bottle I thought they were expensive, and the bottles are pretty small, no where near a full bottle of water.

I love a gadget though, so I injected the vitamins gave it a shake and tried it.

The orange one is really orangey, its not refreshing at all, and by the time I almost finished it I could taste powder and it was making me feel sick!  My wife said the blackcurrant one was amazing and she would definitely buy it again.

For me its a definite no.  Just a gimmick with no benefits, don’t waste your money, get a bottle of water.


PIE OR BUY? Moisture Bomb by Garnier SkinActive (Review)

I have been buying these facemasks for a few weeks now and they are without a doubt the best masks I have ever used.  This time I tried the Super-Hydrating De-Tiring Mask, but I do normally buy the re-vitalising mask.

These masks are so good, its basically a cotton sheet, packed with moisture, you leave it on for 15 minutes and the results are instant, I tend to put on before bed, because the moisture residue on your face can be left to soak in overnight, leaving your face SOFT and HYDRATED.

The results will provide you with 1 week of hydration and I do believe this too, its definately an item I cant resist buying when in Superdrug or Boots now because the results are so good, and I have recommended these to a few friends and they also are very pleased with the results.

The lavender one is extra relaxing, and I would highly recommend using these if you suffer with tension headaches or migraines, because the sheet is so cold and stays cold on your face the whole time, so it gives alot of relief!


PIE OR BUY? Charcoal whitening toothpaste by Superdrug (Review)

Yes Superdrug!

They have now bought out a charcoal whitening toothpaste and it’s fab!

I have used an activated charcoal toothpaste before and it was disgusting, like eating coal.  Superdrug’s little gem isn’t and it does the job, it’s minty fresh and after using it just once it’s had more of an impact than the activated charcoal I bought before.

I paid £1.49 for this which was a STEAL. It’s definitely going to be used daily in my house.  I literally love the packaging too it’s really eye catching.  Well done Superdrug.


PIE OR BUY? Lotta Chocca pizza by Dominos (Review)

BUY BUY BUY this immediately.

£4.99 of pure heaven with Dominos dessert pizza.  This tastes so damn good, and will satisfy any chocolate and savoury cravings!

It doesn’t look as good as it tastes that’s for sure.  It’s suitable for vegetarians and a shocking 204 calories per slice but it’s worth it.  They have 100% carefully selected the correct chocolate on this baby it’s thick and it melts and is followed by that savoury salty pizza base!

I wouldn’t be able to eat this on a hangover but I could definitely eat it when choc cravings are high!!


PIE OR BUY? Kong dog toy (Review)

The genius dog toy thats kept my dog entertained for hours is the kong, this comes in 3 or 4 different sizes but as I have a yorker I went for the size small.  These have been around for years but its always the one toy I have picked up and put back down in the pet store, until this week….

I paid 7 pounds for this at Pets at Home its made out of really strong rubber, normally Toby will destroy any toy within 2 hours, not this one!

I also bought Peamutt Butter for Dogs from Pets at home for 2.79, I put the Peamutt butter into the kong toy and stuck it in the freezer for 2 hours.  I have never seen Toby go so crazy over it, this toy can also hold small treats, and you can buy a Kong treat spray which comes in different flavours to spray into the inside of it, I might buy that next week 🙂 For now he is enjoying the peamutt butter ALOT.


PIE OR BUY? Razor Subscription services (Review & Code)

Long we’re the days where the sun was out you needed to shave your legs to go with your new summer outfit and your faced with a blunt razor!

Razor subscription services are the new answer and are so 2017!

You can get some really good sign up deals out there and I have recently just changed from http://www.ffs.co.uk to https://www.razorsbydorco.co.uk

The idea is simple you sign up you choose how often you want the razors and before you can blink they have arrived! Then your subscription just keeps running until you cancel it.  The subscriptions range from around £4.00 to £8.00 and you can decide monthly, every two months, every three and so on!

I ordered mine yesterday from razors by dorco and they arrived today.  I’m very impressed and no more bargain hunting for razors in the supermarket!

First order is only £1.00 at the moment I’m not sure how long this offer will last.

They do offer 15% student discount and I have a referral code if anyone wants to give them a go with £5.00 off!!



PIE OR BUY? MOËT on the Rocks by MOËT and CHANDON (Deal)

I was immediately drawn to this offer in Tesco I love Moet and this is Moet with a difference.  Best served on the rocks with ice!

Right now it’s £45.00 a bottle in Tesco but …. you get a free Moet glass and these glasses are such a steal for a freebie because they currently sell for around £25 quid each on amazon or ebay.  A big buy for me in July!!

If your a Moet lover be quick this offer won’t last long!