Amazon Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5 by Amazon (Review)

Having owned the Echo Dot for 2 years, I decided it was time to upgrade to the Echo Show 5 by Amazon. My reasons for upgrading were the price, and the fact that I could use it as an alarm clock, but I didn’t realise actually how many cool functions this little beast had!

Available direct from amazon the Echo Show 5 has a 5.5″ smart display screen, so it’s very much different to the dot, I moved the dot to my kitchen and put the show into my bedroom. Here are the benefits to me and what I use it for:

  1. You can see the clock face in the night without speaking to it
  2. You can ask for the latest news reports and it shows a video clip of the latest BBC news reports (this is fab and so clever)
  3. I ask it to play music, but the great thing with the show is that it provides scrolling lyrics to your songs (so much fun)
  4. You can set your own home screen photo, so you can personalise it
  5. I have it connected to my ring doorbell, so whilst in bed I can ask, “Alexa show the front door” and the camera is displayed, not only that you can use the show to speak to whoever is at your door
  6. I can watch Amazon Prime Movies and shows on it, its perfectly sized to do this and the sound quality is really amazing
  7. You can also do all the usual stuff you normally do with a dot, echo skills etc

The other benefits I am yet to use:

  1. You can video call friends and family
  2. You can control your smart home

I cannot find a single negative about the Echo Show 5, personally I think its great, its a perfect size the sound and video quality is superb and its great value for money.

I paid £79.99 for this through Amazon and it was one of the best buys for the summer, Im actually considering purchasing one for downstairs and getting rid of my echo dot. You can buy this model in either black or white.


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