SnoozeShade Original – by SnoozeShade (Review & Discount Code)

Your probably wondering as your reading this what is a Snoozeshade??!!

I know I did when I came across the website and now I own a snooze shade original I wouldn’t want to be without it.

A brilliant invention the snooze shade fits very snugly onto your pram, stroller or carseat preventing any sun or UV into the pram.

Once in use the snoozeshade offers a cool, shaded dark environment for your little one to snooze away, with a breathable woven fabric, it’s perfectly safe.

Initially I thought my baby might not like being in the dark environment the snoozeshade creates but she absolutely loves it, immediately falls off to sleep too so it obviously gives a cool and calming affect.

The snoozeshade has been used alot this summer, especially with the insane heat we have experienced, when taking a walk outside I felt much more at ease.

These really are perfect if you are travelling to a hot country, I definitely would not go without one and they are a great guard from wasps too.

I went for the Snoozeshade original but you can see there are many other styles on the website, all starting from £19.99 including a car seat snooze shade and one for twin buggies!

The best bit is I have a 20% off discount code for YOU! Just order from the website using discount code PIEORBUY20 and you will get a lovely discount on your first order.

OVERALL VERDICT: BUY … there is nothing more important than being safe in the sun and this company have nailed it with the snoozeshade.

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