Hello Fresh Food Subscription (Review & Discount Code)

I have been so fed up lately with cooking ready meals or trying to cook something and it completely failing, so I decided to look into getting a weekly food subscription, and the first one I found was Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh have a website http://www.hellofresh.co.uk they also have an app and within a few simple steps I was selecting my meals and ordering my box for delivery the following Tuesday it was that quick. I opted for 3 meals a week, for 2 people and it came to £30.00

The app is great and it offers you the option to view your menu for the current week, swap recipes for your next delivery, explore new recipes, change your box settings and change your delivery date.

The delivery is managed by DPD and tracked so you know exactly when its due to arrive, the box is packaged very well, and everything is kept ice cool that needs to be.

This subscription has changed the dynamics in my house, it means I can cook and my wife actually enjoys my meals, I have kept the recipe cards too so I can cook the dish again and I will know exactly what ingredients to buy, which is really handy. The ingredients are all very fresh and of very high quality, I had a salmon dish this week and the salmon was top notch!!

OVERALL VERDICT: BUY it makes life so easy, especially if you live a hectic lifestyle or if you just fancy cooking some decent meals!

FREE FOOD: If you order your first box using the link below you will get £20.00 off, meaning you get an absolutely cracking bargain!! If you would like to do this please follow this link Get £20.00 off your first order and place your hello fresh order. Once you sign up and get the £20.00 off you can cancel the subscription straight away.

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