Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod

Sleepyhead deluxe by Sleepyhead (Review)

This review is on a sleepyhead deluxe, with a newborn of 4 weeks old we have been using one of these during the night and for daytime naps, this was gifted to us by a family member, but you can purchase these direct from sleepyhead through amazon by clicking on the link below

Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod (0-8 Months, Pristine White)

The sleepyhead deluxe fits perfectly into the crib and for me it offers comfort in knowing that my baby is snug at night with no chance of rolling over. They also bring more warmth to the crib which is not always a positive depending on the climate, but something worth noting if you do buy one.

When not using the sleepyhead in the crib my baby did move around much more when sleeping, which for a newborn for me was worrying, I slept much better knowing she was in the sleepyhead.

One thing to bear in mind if you are buying one of these is it won’t stay clean, you will find yourself washing it weekly, its impossible to keep sick or dribble away from these things, so maybe don’t opt for a white one, they offer some real nice limited edition designs.

The day after my little one was born I had a visit from the midwife, she advised me not to use a sleepyhead and referred me to the lullaby trust for further information on why

I made a decision to continue using mine we absolutely love it in our house, I can see the benefits it bought to the baby and myself, she felt much safer to me when in this and if Stacey Solomons baby can sleep in one, then so can mine!

Overall Verdict: BUY

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