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Sushimania 50% off St Albans (Review)

If your looking for a sushi deal in Hertfordshire, you may want to visit sushimania in St Albans, everyday you can enjoy 50% off their lunchtime menu or bottomless sushi for £17.80 each, you can visit there website to view the menu.

Sushimania have branches in Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Edgware, Finchley, Golders Green, Nottingham, Reading, Whetstone and Leicester Square!

The restaurant is very spacious, with great decor and comfy seating. The toilets are interesting, but I won’t spoil that surprise!! Once your seated you will be asked to connect to their WIFI and download the Sushimania app so you can place your order.

Here is what I ordered: 2 Tap Waters, 1 Japanese Green Tea, 1 Fried Calamari, 1 Vegetable Spring Rolls, 1 Wake Seaweed Salad, 1 Ebi Tempura, 1 Advocado Hosomaki, 1 Sweet Potato Futomaki, 3 Prawn Katsu Temaki and 1 Salmon Teriyaki – the bill came to £31.46 and included a 10% service charge too.

My overall experience is that the food wasn’t great but the service was good and fast.

The spring rolls did not taste great, not unless I covered them in sweet chilli sauce. The avocado hosomaki had way too much mayo involved. The prawn katsu temaki’s were the best item on the menu! The salmon teriyaki for the price was extremely good value for money.

If I visited again, I would be more selective on what I chose, my normal favourites were definitely not a top favourite from sushimania.

Overall Verdict: PIE (sorry…. I prefer Yo Sushi, or my local KIMAYA!, but I did enjoy looking at the decor…)

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