Little People BIG DREAMS Book Collection

Little People BIG DREAMS by Isabel Sanchez Vegara (Review)

I came across these beautiful Little People BIG DREAMS books in Sainsbury’s, they are adorable, and a perfect gift for children. The books illustrate facts of famous role models from across the world , they are cute and quirky which I LOVE! The books range from around £5.00 upwards which I think is definitely good value for money, they are great collectables.

I have put these in my babies nursery, they look really nice on a book shelf and I cannot wait to read them to her.

I have picked up a few in the Little People BIG DREAMS collection but there are many more to collect, they are a simple read for any child growing up. So far I have picked up Coco Chanel, Frida Kahol and Marie Curie, the range is endless!!

These are available from Amazon to buy right now, by clicking on the following links: Marie Curie Stephen Hawkins Coco Chanel David Bowie


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