Hydro boost face mask by Neutrogena

Hydro Boost by NEUTROGENA (Review)

This is basically Botox in a face mask!! The Hydro Boost by Neutrogena facemask.

My opinion, after using it once was its an elite mask in the face mask world. The mask itself comes in two parts, top part of the face, bottom part of the face.

It’s supersoft and has a cool gel like feeling. I left mine on for a good 45 minutes and the results for me were really good. A nice shine to my dull dry skin, and my face especially my forehead had tightened for sure.

I picked this up from boots for under £3.00 as it’s currently on offer. Don’t walk past it pick it up, in fact pick up two!!! https://www.boots.com/neutrogena-/neutrogena-hydro-boost


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