Nanny State by Brewdog

Nanny State by BREWDOG (Review)

I know, it looks good.  This is Nanny State by Brewdog and its non-alcoholic beer (low-alcohol 0.5%), during pregnancy beer is something I really missed having especially when the sun is out.  So I bought this to try…. mind blown.

I picked this up from Morrisons and for 4x330ml I paid £4.50.

Nanny State by Brewdog
Nanny State by Brewdog

Best Served Cold, this stuff is amazing and if you’re familiar with Brewdog beers this tastes just like the others, and you would never now its alcohol free.  Its A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!

So if you’re doing dry January, your pregnant, or on a health kick this is definitely something to try for a beer lover!!


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