Big Mac Grande

Big Mac Grande by MCDONALDS (Review)

I always want to try anything limited edition and when McDonald’s released the Big Mac Grande what a perfect reason to try it!!

I didn’t actually think I would be able to get my hands on one especially as they were selling out everywhere but I got one easily which makes me think if it was a publicity stunt!

Anyway I’m a lover of a Big Mac so to see the size of this my eyes lit up as I opened the box!

It tasted the same it looked the same only giant sized, the burger itself really is big and it was too much for me to eat I definitely didn’t get the same satisfaction from it as I would a normal Big Mac so I wouldn’t opt for this again.

If you wanna be part of the hype try one otherwise I would just stick to the normal Big Mac they are more satisfying!!

I would love to hear other people’s views on this. To view Mcdonalds latest menu visit


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