Bamboo sleep mask by BEDTIME BLISS (Review)

Our latest review is on the bamboo sleep masks by bedtime bliss, getting good quality sleep is an important factor and I can guarantee these will help.

The masks come in a pouch are soft and not intrusive on your face. The best thing about them is they allow you to blink and do not suppress your eyes most importantly they provide complete blackout darkness sending you into sleep serenity!!

I bought my masks on amazon and I have two as they offer different colours. They really are a good buy, I find they help with migraines too!!



You can buy the bamboo sleep mask direct from Bedtime Bliss: Sleep / Eye Mask – Sleeping Masks Men & Women MONEY BACK GUARANTEE NEW DESIGN using Organic Bamboo & Cotton Lining – Making it Better than Silk – Our Luxury Patented Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask & Ear Plug Set is the Best Blackout Eyemask it will Block Light but Wont Touch your eyes like other Eyemasks – Carry Pouch and Ear Plugs Included for FREE


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