Greeting Cards by YOU SAID IT CARDS (Review)

If your preparing early for Valentine’s Day like me (for once) then it’s worth checking out all the cute and cheeky Valentine’s Day cards at

You won’t find these cards in the shops they are very unique, be rude as hell, be cheeky as a chimp or take it to limits and offend a friend!

They offer super fast delivery when ordering from their website and they have a wide range of cards for your Valentine or Valentine’s if your sending more than one! They have some great offers too. You can grab yourself a cheeky 15% discount by using code bloggerv18

They cater for all occasions not just Valentine’s Day and they offer more than just cards you can purchase a whole range of goodies and gifts.

Give them a follow on Instagram:

Or if your into tweeting you can tweet them at @yousaiditcards

You can also follow them on Facebook:

OVERALL VERDICT: Be prepared this year and order now BUY


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