UNO & Friends by Mattel IOS Iphone app (Review)

OK so if you read my posts regularly you will notice a review on the UNO card game which is absolutely fab, and after becoming slightly addicted I randomly typed UNO into the IOS app store, there it was right there … UNO & Friends and completely FREE! OMG!!

I have been hooked on this game for a few days now, its incred!  There are various ways of playing UNO on the app, you can play a journey climbing through levels and completing objectives, or you can play tournaments which I am completely addicted too.

You can only enter one tournament level at a time, once you win a tourney you can play for more coins which gives you a chance of winning more coins!

With a max of 4 players for each game, you can invite friends to play too, the fun is limitless.  Each game can also come with a companion which can help you through the game when attacking other players to prevent them from winning using some real cool shields and dampeners on their game.

Its really fast paced, and the game can change right at the last minute, its really not obvious who is going to win which makes it so FUN.

If your looking for a new game for your IOS or Android phone get downloading this, you will be hooked within a few minutes.

Overall Verdict: Buy!!!! (for FREE of course, get downloading now)

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