PIE OR BUY? Semtex by Jstjodie (Review)

I bought these as an aid for weight loss with it being the new year. These tablets are available on the jstjodie website and I have always been a fan of Jodie and her products. I bought these before a few years ago so I thought I would give them another go, but it turns out they have been a complete waste of money.

The instructions advise taking 2 tablets 35-40 mins prior to working out, so I did.

I got to the gym and almost immediately suffered severe stomach cramps, sweating and faintness. This very quickly led to an upset stomach and severe vomiting. I had also recommended these to a friend and they have had pretty much the same effect on her too.

They really did make me violently ill and I had to leave the gym with no workout! Not how I wanted my day to start.

My advice is to really take care when choosing and taking a fat burner and to probably stay well clear of buying these!


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