PIE OR BUY? Vegan Protein Bundle by PROTEIN WORKS (Review)

I ordered this bundle last Sunday and it was with me by Monday – very quick delivery!

I bought the bundle after winning a discount code on SNATCH (you can see my previous post on snatch by clicking here)

This code enabled me to get a vegan bundle in either chocolate or strawberry all for £10.00 … YES £10.00.  The RRP on this is £42.96 which is an incredible saving just for playing SNATCH!

I wouldnt normally go for a vegan option and to be honest I didnt even realise there were vegan options when it comes to protein powders, but after finding out I cant have lactose this was the best option for me.

Whats in the bundle? Vegan Protein, a GIANT water bottle and a protein works shaker.

The protein can be mixed with milk or water, so I have been opting for water, and it tastes really good, especially with ice.

The website offers a whole range of bundles, proteins and at the moment they have a black Friday sale!  So go check them out Visit Protein Works

You should also really go play SNATCH if you havent downloaded it and are playing it already because you can really see what I saved here by snatching parcels!!!


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