PIE OR BUY? Magnetic Facemask Kit by AMOUR NOIR (Review)

I ordered this after seeing a short video posted by Charlotte Crosby who was endorsing it.

I ordered the kit direct from the amour noir website, £16.99 + postage and packaging and it was delivered very quickly.

It’s packaged up lovely in a gift box and comes with the mask, an applicator and the magnetic brush.

You apply the facemask with the applicator and leave it on for 10 minutes, then wrapping tissue and applying the magnetic wand over your face (not touching the skin) and it’s supposed to remove the facemask off your face.  Does it work? No!!

It’s a nightmare, the wand doesn’t really remove it that well at all so I’m thoroughly disappointed, maybe it wasn’t for me, but for the few times I have used it I have ended up wiping the excess off with a face wipe.


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