PIE OR BUY? Apple Matcha skinny tea by MyMatcha (Review)

I have tried a few matcha teas and I have never really liked them, but this new matcha skinny tea by MyMatcha 🍵 is actually really tasty.  I tried the Apple but MyMatcha offer a whole range of flavours from original, raspberry, coconut and passion fruit.  They offer a trial bundle which is perfect if your new to matcha tea.

MyMatcha was founded by two young UK mums on a mission to aid healthy, post baby, weightloss and enhance mental clarity through a tiring time, and now having incorporated this into my morning routine its definately a good start to a long day in the office and you can have it either hot or cold, with water or almond milk!

The Apple flavour is really nice and I think that’s probably why so far I have liked this brand more than others because they offer it in flavours plus it’s really good value for money and comes in really cute packaging which you can easily carry around in your bad if your on the move.

Matcha gives you enhanced mental clarity and naturally aids weightloss, in fact green tea is the key ingredient in almost every single weight loss pill, tea and drink out there!  This stuff really does boost your mood, and at the same time helps you shift the pounds!

If your looking to try matcha definitely check these guys out Visit MY MATCHA

PIE OR BUY: Get healthy and detox BUY!


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