PIE OR BUY? Smart Meter by OVO Energy (Review)

OVO energy offered me a smart meter to use for both my electricity and gas meters, they rang and offered it to me over the phone, explaining that I would no longer have to submit meter readings they are all done over WI-FI!! ACE!
The idea of having a smart meter, was really exciting because I could finally see what my £103.00 pound a month to them was actually being spent on.

The engineer turned up and he installed the electricity meter first, then went onto install the Gas Meter but he said the pipe connection was not suitable, and that OVO energy would be in touch with me to arrange the remainder of the installation.

Never had any complaints about OVO, but unfortunately they did not contact me, but after chasing twice by email and two phone calls it came to light the only way I could get my gas installation fitted was to pay for the remainder of the work myself.

The smart meter does actually work for the Electricity and its pretty good, it shows very clear how many watts per hour your using, and whether you are being energy efficient by showing a green, amber or red zone, red is obviously not efficient and very costly, and you can see such a difference by turning on the tumble dryer or the dishwater – boom straight into the amber zone!

So as OVO energy had not fulfilled there part of the deal, I asked them to remove the smart meter, but they said it would cost me £57.00 to do this, very disappointing. There disclaimer in the email states any additional costs will be outlined during the engineer visit, but that was not the case.

I’m now faced with either paying for the gas installation myself, or getting the electricity meter removed, this has not enabled me to get the best from my smart meter and I feel really let down by them, so if your thinking of getting a smart meter, and you have the same issue, make sure the engineer does not start the work unless its clear to you there are no additional costs, or go to a different energy company, and my advice would be to go to a different energy company, because there customer service is very poor!

Im off to a new energy provider now and I cannot wait – BYE OVO ENERGY!!



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