PIE OR BUY? Hizenberg e-liquid by Simply Eliquid (Review)

If your a vivid vaper or new to the vaping world drop your vapestick, and head to Simply ELiquid to check out their hizenberg vape juice.

I have been vaping for 3 years and I’m astounded at what I have been missing out on, this juice is the most amazing vape I have come across.  Hizenberg promises you a mix Blue Raspberry, Blueberries and Menthol and wow they really do deliver, it’s such a powerful and sweet taste all at the same time with a subtle punch of menthol as you vape, the blueberry and blue raspberry has a high quality fruity taste which explodes your tastebuds, Zooom Booom thank you very much this is my new flavour and it’s going to take precedence over any other flavour or brand going into my tank for now.

You can order direct from their site and your vapes are delivered in such a cute capsule which is perfect for when your on the go.  The packaging design is also really a nice touch.


If you’re a vaper as I said try this new flavour don’t miss out get ordering.


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