PIE OR BUY? Bottega Veneta eau de parfum (Review) 

Perfectly packaged the perfume bottle screams luxury before you have even put it on. The bottle is beautifully designed with a frosted design on the bottom and a cute velvet tie around the neck of the bottle. This is the longest lasting perfume I have ever worn, it has a powerful scent so you don’t want to overpower yourself with it, with only requiring a squirt or two this would be a long lasting perfume without a doubt, the scent is very distinct and you can really smell the citrus of the bergamot. This perfume is perfect for any evening out it’s absolutely beautiful, since I have been wearing it I have had a few compliments already. It’s lovely, it’s definitely top of my favourites and suitable for women of all ages. When I’m wearing it I’m confident others can smell it which is important to me I like a powerful perfume that is long lasting.

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