PIE OR BUY? Wi-fi smart plug by VPRAWLS (Review)

Smart plugs have turned my house into a mini smart home, at an affordable price.

For those that don’t already know smart plugs enable you to control a device using voice activation or simply by using the app to switch your device on when your away from home.

I bought a bundle of these plugs on Amazon along with an Alexa Dot, it’s so easy to connect them up and literally it takes 10 minutes and your on your way to creating your smart home through an app on your phone.

The plugs are good quality, come well packed and all link to the app very easily.  They are also available on amazon prime, if your a prime member.

I’m still a beginner but I can now turn on lamps, a fan or my hair straighteners by just asking alexa.  It makes life a lot easier!

You can buy the plugs on the link below: Mini Wi-Fi Smart plug on Amazon

I really recommend these or any other smart plug they are a good start and get you making the most out of your amazon dot.  It won’t take long before your hunting round the house looking for devices to turn smart!


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