PIE OR BUY? iOS SNATCH game (Review + Codes)

This is an app I play on a daily basis and it’s really fab, a lot of people ask me about it so I thought why not review it, free to download on iOS!

The aim of the game is to snatch parcels there are two ways of doing this, from fellow players nearby or using the map provided on the app.

You start with 500 coins and a few diamonds which you can exchange for superpowers and defence weapons to prevent others from stealing parcels from you.

Once you have a parcel you need to do your best to protect it, sometimes it’s easy and other times other players will constantly try and steal from you.

So what’s in the parcels? This is the best bit. When your parcel is ready to open it can contain a stash of coins or diamonds or a prize!  The prizes change constantly and range from money, to a free pint, money off vouchers, NOW tv codes, free t-shirts the list goes on, sometimes offering some real high end prizes, to date the biggest I have seen so far is £1000 and a deposit towards a house!  Basically this is a fab app and it’s definitely worth playing if you fancy something new.

I have a referral code which will give you an additional bundle of coins.  GET FREE COINS ON SNATCH

Get snatching don’t miss out it’s seriously fun and addictive!



One thought on “PIE OR BUY? iOS SNATCH game (Review + Codes)

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