PIE OR BUY? 3 day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale (Review)

So this week I have decided to embark on the Jason Vale 3 Day Juice Challenge.

I bought 30 pounds worth of fruit, I bought a juicer, I already had a blender and I downloaded the jason vale super juice me app (6.99 on the app store)

The idea of the juice diet, is basically you just live on liquids, blended from various fruits and vegetables, you can start off on the 3 day plan, but the plan can take you up to 28 days.  I got the idea by watching one of Jason’s documentaries and thought how easy it looked, yeah I can do 28 days easy.
I got to day 1, the app is really easy to use, it provides a shopping list which makes life really easy, and I just ordered all the items from Amazon Fresh.  The app provides step by step detail on how to make your juices.

Day 1.  09:00am Starting with a Ginger shot – wasn’t too bad infact I quite liked it

Day1.  10:00am Followed by Protein Rich Powerhouse – again I really liked this juice

Starting to get real hungry and ready for my next shake an hour earlier than it was due, but I held out and just filled myself up with water.

Day 1.  1:00pm Followed by Breath of Fresh Air – there was nothing fresh about this, it tasted awful and I wanted to puke the main ingredient was beetroot … already feeling a failure because there was no way I could drink this, I made Day 2’s lunchtime juice Chlorophyll Cleaner…. because I thought at least if this is nice and I can stomach it, Im still sticking to the plan, ok this was worse, jesus I looked in my fridge:

  • I had Protein Rich Powerhouse still to drink at 7:00pm which I had made bulk from the morning
  • I still had the Breath of Fresh Air that I was due to drink again at 4:00pm
  • I had made the Chlorophyll Cleaner hanging around because I made that in bulk too

My kitchen looked like I had a fruit and vegetable fight and the fruit flies were starting to  congregate in the kitchen.  I was really bloody hungry at this point too … and my mind started wandering, don’t worry I didn’t go hungry.

I ordered Pizza Hut because they had a deal on for 1 person 11.99, then I added a Garlic Bread Side and Side of Nachos.  Problem Solved.

I wasted over 152.00 pounds on this, and it lasted around 6 hours, that doesn’t include the price I paid for my pizza hut delivery.  You really need to be strong willed for this plan and be able to drink juices that you don’t like.


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