PIE OR BUY? Red Vape e-liquids by Red Vape (Review)

For all you vapers out there we all know how hard it is to nail a flavour you actually like.  I have been through so many different types of flavours over the years and I think I have finally found the brand where I like more than 1 flavour and I can get it delivered to my front door!

Red Vape offer some great premium and luxury juices and I started with three to try and I love ❤️ two of them!
I started out with strawberry fusion this really is my new love, it’s so fruity it really lives up to its name!  I get so many comments when vaping it on how good it smells.  Stock up on this if your a strawberry fan!

I then moved onto trinity creme it’s super creamy and tastes just like caramel but for me I’m not a caramel fan so it wasn’t my favourite out of the three – if your a chocolate, coffee or caramel vaper this is for you.

Noble mint is not super minty more of a spearmint and it’s so refreshing.  It’s so hard to really nail a good minty vape I have been through a lot but redvape have really nailed this minty one.

The juices seem to last forever they are pretty thick consistency and I think that’s the key to not have to keep topping up.

If your struggling to find some new vapes check out Red Vape the prices are very good and delivery is quiiiiicccck!


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