PIE OR BUY? B-12 Super Energy Patch by PurOrganica (Review)

I bought these patches on Amazon in desperation because I have had a cold and nasty cough for 2 weeks having no energy at all and struggling I bought these to give me an energy boost.  They were £11.00 and available on Amazon Prime.

You get 16 in a pack and they recommend you wear 1-2 a week, just by sticking them in an area that isnt exposed all the time, so I put mine behind my ear, they stay on your skin there is no doubt about that, even after showering and washing my hair they are still really stuck.

They have made no change at all to my energy levels, I really dont think they work at all in fact I have never felt more tired this week!  If your out of energy and thinking of purchasing these dont, just grab a lucozade.



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