PIE OR BUY? Chicken Delicious by Pure Pet Food (Review & Discount Code)

Toby is 12 years old next week and is probably the fussiest dog ever, I have had no end of problems getting him to be eager about meal times in the whole 12 years I have had him, weve gone through so many different brands and types of food, from branded foods, to actual human meal prep foods which have been so costly, he has demanded fresh chicken, and the finest turkey or beef money can buy, but giving him fresh turkey or chicken has never really been the answer because he then ends up with gastro problems and then I have found myself parting with 80 pounds at the vets for stomach settlers!

So I came across a website Pure Pet Food and decided to order Chicken Delicious which is a recipe for Fussy Dogs!! I really thought the usual would happen and when I say the usual I mean Toby walks to the food bowl, sniffs and then just walks back off upstairs …. that didnt happen…… what happened next …

Toby ate the whole lot, I couldnt believe it, he also ate it in his food bowl that he would never ever EVER eat out off.  It may sound stupid to you reading this, but this dog is really fussy as hell, and we’ve mastered it, finally after all these years we have found a food that he waits for in the morning, and he waits for at dinner time.

He will watch me make it, normally I have to drag him out of bed.  Hes like a teenage boy!  The best thing about this, is Im not squeamish if it touches my hands, it smells good and its so bloody easy to make, just add warm water from the tap!!  Its not full of crap or hidden ingredients.

One scoop in the bowl and add warm water!!! Mealtimes are a dream now for both of us!

Pure pet food offer a range of products, such as Complete Recipes, Treats and Toppings or Mixers, in a range of flavours too and for puppies and senior dogs, one of the things I like the most about what they offer is for each product they detail how it can help or improve your pups health, the delivery is fast and they offer you a time slot so you wont miss your delivery.  If you have a new pup, a fussy dog, or a dog with re-occuring health problems I would 100% recommend this product, its definately changed dinner times in my household, and I wont go back, I think Toby will agree!

Check out there website for more information and a staggering 40% off starter packs. Get 40% discount NOW

Get 40% off your order now, your dog will love you forever, trust me.


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