PIE OR BUY? Graze Boxes by GRAZE (Review & Code)

Graze boxes are probably the most popular thing in my household right now.  First my wife signed up, and her box was arriving every 2 weeks and I was desperate to open it when it came through the letterbox, so to prevent me from being tempted I ended up just ordering my own!

Graze has really changed over the last few years and now they offer so much more than when I last subbed with them.  More importantly for me they now offer light boxes which are under 150 cals each!

You can subscribe weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly, its your choice and once you do subscribe they offer you lots of discounts and freebies.

These boxes below are 5.99 each and they give you a 5.00 off code a little while after sign up, they are fab because they come in the carton holders which look great in the cupboard, especially if you have OCD!

You can choose which snacks you like and don’t like during subscription that way you can ensure you don’t get anything you don’t like, then once they do arrive, you can rate each snack, so graze know whether or not to send you them again in the future!

The snacks are really handy especially for elevenses! I have them for breakfast or take them to work, and they fit in your handbag nicely!

Some of the snacks even come with a teabag!! Packaging is fab and postage is quick!

If you do fancy giving these a try you can use my reward code 9Y3PT967P you can get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes totally FREE.




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