PIE OR BUY? Still Vitamin Water by HEY LIKE WOW (Review)

I had never seen these drinks in the supermarket until yesterday when I popped to Tesco, the only other place I had seen them was on Instagram and they were being endorsed by Katie Prices children.

Its basically a bottle of water, but you inject the vitamins into it, shake it and then drink!

I needed a vitamin injection! At 1.25 a bottle I thought they were expensive, and the bottles are pretty small, no where near a full bottle of water.

I love a gadget though, so I injected the vitamins gave it a shake and tried it.

The orange one is really orangey, its not refreshing at all, and by the time I almost finished it I could taste powder and it was making me feel sick!  My wife said the blackcurrant one was amazing and she would definitely buy it again.

For me its a definite no.  Just a gimmick with no benefits, don’t waste your money, get a bottle of water.


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