PIE OR BUY? Moisture Bomb by Garnier SkinActive (Review)

I have been buying these facemasks for a few weeks now and they are without a doubt the best masks I have ever used.  This time I tried the Super-Hydrating De-Tiring Mask, but I do normally buy the re-vitalising mask.

These masks are so good, its basically a cotton sheet, packed with moisture, you leave it on for 15 minutes and the results are instant, I tend to put on before bed, because the moisture residue on your face can be left to soak in overnight, leaving your face SOFT and HYDRATED.

The results will provide you with 1 week of hydration and I do believe this too, its definately an item I cant resist buying when in Superdrug or Boots now because the results are so good, and I have recommended these to a few friends and they also are very pleased with the results.

The lavender one is extra relaxing, and I would highly recommend using these if you suffer with tension headaches or migraines, because the sheet is so cold and stays cold on your face the whole time, so it gives alot of relief!


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