PIE OR BUY? Razor Subscription services (Review & Code)

Long we’re the days where the sun was out you needed to shave your legs to go with your new summer outfit and your faced with a blunt razor!

Razor subscription services are the new answer and are so 2017!

You can get some really good sign up deals out there and I have recently just changed from http://www.ffs.co.uk to https://www.razorsbydorco.co.uk

The idea is simple you sign up you choose how often you want the razors and before you can blink they have arrived! Then your subscription just keeps running until you cancel it.  The subscriptions range from around £4.00 to £8.00 and you can decide monthly, every two months, every three and so on!

I ordered mine yesterday from razors by dorco and they arrived today.  I’m very impressed and no more bargain hunting for razors in the supermarket!

First order is only £1.00 at the moment I’m not sure how long this offer will last.

They do offer 15% student discount and I have a referral code if anyone wants to give them a go with £5.00 off!!




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