PIE OR BUY? Sky Q by Sky TV (Review)

I see many posts and annoyances from Sky customers complaining of the price they pay each month for TV services and broadband from Sky.

I had Sky TV for 2 years, and I left them in November 2016. we sufficed the pain of freeview and internet TV powered by a Now TV box.  We bought an Amazon Firestick, we bought a google chrome stick, we jailbroke a Now TV box and still was not happy.

Having all those gadgets did not give us the TV we wanted on demand, and freeview signal in our area is poor!!

When we first left Sky, they gave me the option to have a fair amount of discount if I stayed, so this is a good tip for anyone right now wanting to save money on their bill if they are not in contract.  I stuck to my word and we stayed without Sky despite the discounts they were offering.  3 months later the discounts were getting bigger, we were offered a 32 inch Smart TV, 40% discount … I still stuck to my word.

Next in the post was a discount offering 60% …. not just for Sky TV but for Sky Q!!

I spoke to them via the online chat service and they offered me Sky Q with a box in our lounge and a Sky Q mini box for 22.00 a month!!!  They also gave us an upgraded wifi router and all with no installation costs.

The Sky Q service really is super charged, it really is refreshing compared to the original Sky HD box.  The Sky Q box has a massive 2TB of storage, which really makes a difference if you love recording shows like my wife does.

You can record 4 different TV shows all at once.  I don’t think you can do this with any other TV service provider.  The remote is really smooth, very responsive and easy to use, with a much slimmer design than before.  The Sky Q app allows you to carry on watching where you left off from on your TV which is really the icing on the cake.

I urge anyone to push Sky for discounts, they will give them, we are now really happy with our TV, the performance it gives and the price.



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