PIE OR BUY? Alexa Echo Dot by Amazon (Review & Deal)

I recently got a free Amazon Echo dot when taking out home and contents insurance with Very.co.uk


So is the Amazon Echo dot really worth the money?

To be honest I don’t think so, you can ask Alexa almost anything and she does respond quickly, but the novelty soon wears off.  I often find myself saying the same things, “Alexa please play Radio 1” or “Alexa please play Capital FM”.

Design wise its really cute and small.  It definitely has good sound quality, and as I said its really responsive.  I guess it becomes a habitual thing, I have got into such a habit for googling the weather or checking out latest news, but really Alexa could do this for me.

You can steam music from it if you have Amazon Music, and that is pretty cool, it does exactly as you ask.  You don’t have to be right next to the speaker, it can hear me from the garden which is a bonus, although the neighbours can probably hear me shouting “Alexa”!!

The other good thing is it automatically updates through the cloud so you don’t have to update software or anything like that.

Getting this for free for definitely the biggest bonus, if I had paid 49.99 I probably would have been very dissapointed.  But really we don’t get the use out of it, and if we didn’t have it, I wouldn’t miss it!!




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