PIE OR BUY? MJX X400C WIFI FPV Drone With Camera (Review)

I bought this a month ago from amazon.  It was £49.99 but there was a discount code flying around for £25.00 which you could only redeem against this item, so I paid around £25.00.  It arrived next day using Amazon Prime.  It comes with a handheld controller which takes a couple of batteries, the controller holds your phone, you basically download an app which is compatible with IOS and android and connecting your phone allows you to record your flights and take photos mid air.

It was easy enough to setup, and takes around 120 minutes to charge, or should I say took around 120 minutes to charge!

1st Flight was in the back garden not a good idea because our garden is small, so off it went down the street and landed in our neighbours garden about 6 doors away.  Luckily I was recording the flight so I could see exactly where it landed.

2nd Flight I thought I was being more sensible to take it to a large open space, a cow field this time, I had a few flights out of it, but up into the sky it went high high high far far away and I never saw it again, it went so far I just couldn’t find it.  The video footage lost signal with the wi-fi connection so after spending a good hour walking around the field I gave up!  All the instructions were in another language.

This drone really does have more bad points than good points, the camera is extremely poor quality, when in flight the camera cannot keep up so it doesn’t actually record anything decent.  My phone was constantly falling off the controller, the app is crap, its not user friendly at all, and constantly freezes.

Maybe good for a beginner but don’t think your going to be an expert anytime soon using this drone.

Overall Verdict: PIE

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