PIE OR BUY? Rattan Kensington garden sofa by ACE catalogue (Review)

Another new purchase I spent weeks hunting for a rattan furniture set for the garden and I found it really hard because I wanted to stick to a budget of less than £500.00 because we don’t spend that much time in the garden.

The one I liked the most was from Ace Catologue so I signed up for an account and put my order through.  The sofa itself is very comfortable, it took around 10 minutes to put together, I wouldn’t say it’s 100% sturdy but for what I paid I’m happy.  The cushions can be wiped clean which is a must because they are almost white.  The chaise section we decide not to clip in so we can freely move it around or use as a separate seat.  The coffee table that comes with it is perfect and is easy to clean!

The cushions do move about a bit which can be annoying but I think once we break them in a bit that may stop happening.

So what did I pay?

The sofa was £299.99 with a £35.00 delivery fee however I googled voucher codes and found one so I ended up paying £284.99 for the whole lot.

Delivery did take longer than I wanted overall around 14 days and I was getting hella impatient haha.  They did offer me credit which is also a bonus but I just paid it in full when the statement came through to prevent any interest.



The parasol was bought separately from ace for £49.99



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