Bubble Facemask by SKIN REPUBLIC (Review)

There are a few bubble face masks available now in the shops and they kept catching my eye so I bought this one by SKIN REPUBLIC they are normally £5.49 in Superdrug but currently on offer at £2.00 you get a voucher for 2.00 for your next product!! STEAL!

The mask is a face sheet and you leave it on for 15 minutes it starts to bubble and foam, it feels really nice, when your time is up you remove the mask and massage the remaining bubbles into your face then rinse off with water. Afterwards my face was left feeling really really soft I was very pleased with the results I would definitely buy this again maybe not at £5.49 but if it was on offer yes!



Big Mac Grande by MCDONALDS (Review)

We always want to try anything limited edition and when McDonald’s released the Big Mac Grande what a perfect reason to try it!!

I didn’t actually think I would be able to get my hands on one especially as they were selling out everywhere but I got one easily which makes me think if it was a publicity stunt!

Anyway I’m a lover of a Big Mac so to see the size of this my eyes lit up as I opened the box!

It tasted the same it looked the same only giant sized, the burger itself really is big and it was too much for me to eat I definitely didn’t get the same satisfaction from it as I would a normal Big Mac so I wouldn’t opt for this again.

If you wanna be part of the hype try one otherwise I would just stick to the normal Big Mac they are more satisfying!!

I would love to hear other people’s views on this.


Bamboo sleep mask by BEDTIME BLISS (Review)

Our latest review is on the bamboo sleep masks by bedtime bliss, getting good quality sleep is an important factor and I can guarantee these will help.

The masks come in a pouch are soft and not intrusive on your face. The best thing about them is they allow you to blink and do not suppress your eyes most importantly they provide complete blackout darkness sending you into sleep serenity!!

I bought my masks on amazon and I have two as they offer different colours. They really are a good buy, I find they help with migraines too!!

Bedtime bliss – Amazon


Roomzzz aparthotel Corn exchange by ROOMZZZ (Review)

If your staying in Leeds, Manchester or Chester and are looking for somewhere to stay in the heart of these cities Roomzzz aparthotels should be at the top of your list.

Roomzzz have just opened this week a brand new aparthotel with 114 rooms in the iconic grade II listed corn exchange right in the heart of Manchester and I got to stay in it for 2 nights during the grand opening week!

Each room comes with a grab and go breakfast which is fab.

The room styles they have on offer vary massively and you can choose from neo, studio, smart or grande studios as well as Liberty, dezign or sovereign suites. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, insanely clean and screaming a modern contemporary design with great views.

Walk out of the aparthotel and you have an abundance of restaurants, a shoppers dream you’re right opposite selfridges and Harvey Nichols. I love these aparthotels they never fail and being the first in room 324 was definitely an exciting moment!


Greeting Cards by YOU SAID IT CARDS (Review)

If your preparing early for Valentine’s Day like me (for once) then it’s worth checking out all the cute and cheeky Valentine’s Day cards at https://www.yousaidit.co.uk/

You won’t find these cards in the shops they are very unique, be rude as hell, be cheeky as a chimp or take it to limits and offend a friend!

They offer super fast delivery when ordering from their website and they have a wide range of cards for your Valentine or Valentine’s if your sending more than one! They have some great offers too. You can grab yourself a cheeky 15% discount by using code bloggerv18

They cater for all occasions not just Valentine’s Day and they offer more than just cards you can purchase a whole range of goodies and gifts.

Give them a follow on Instagram:


Or if your into tweeting you can tweet them at @yousaiditcards

You can also follow them on Facebook:


OVERALL VERDICT: Be prepared this year and order now BUY

Caffeine & L-Theanine Supplements by FOCUS SUPPLEMENTS (Review)

Its January 2018 and we all know what happens in January, we set ourselves weight loss goals and swear that we will go to the gym everyday! Well I do it every year, and this year I have actually stuck to it by visiting the gym more than 3 times a week.

When working out the right supplements are an important factor and there are so many options out there its hard to decide which ones too choose.  I have recently been testing Caffeine and L-Theanine supplements which are sold by Focus Supplements and I am really pleased with the results so far.  They offer super fast delivery and have a great customer service support via live chat (which is hard to find with other companies out there).

The main thing for me is that these supplements are vegetarian and in one bottle you get a 4 month supply.  You can take the tablets whenever you want, there is no limit, which I like, other capsules I have previously tried you can only take 2 a day.  With these even if you fancy a quick boost you can take them, even at your desk or before a meeting.

The biggest negative I find with these types of supplements is they give you the shakes, but these don’t, I felt calm, relaxed and focused during my gym classes, they were side effect free which is really important for me.

Focus Supplements also offer a wide range of other products so its worth checking them out, definitely in comparison to other products I have used their prices are half the price!

If your an amazon prime member you can get them next day delivery by following this link Caffeine amazon there are some really good reviews on amazon, so don’t just take my word for it!!


Read another review on caffeine supplements PIE OR BUY? Semtex by Jstjodie (Review)

UNO & Friends by Mattel IOS Iphone app (Review)

OK so if you read my posts regularly you will notice a review on the UNO card game which is absolutely fab, and after becoming slightly addicted I randomly typed UNO into the IOS app store, there it was right there … UNO & Friends and completely FREE! OMG!!

I have been hooked on this game for a few days now, its incred!  There are various ways of playing UNO on the app, you can play a journey climbing through levels and completing objectives, or you can play tournaments which I am completely addicted too.

You can only enter one tournament level at a time, once you win a tourney you can play for more coins which gives you a chance of winning more coins!

With a max of 4 players for each game, you can invite friends to play too, the fun is limitless.  Each game can also come with a companion which can help you through the game when attacking other players to prevent them from winning using some real cool shields and dampeners on their game.

Its really fast paced, and the game can change right at the last minute, its really not obvious who is going to win which makes it so FUN.

If your looking for a new game for your IOS or Android phone get downloading this, you will be hooked within a few minutes.

Overall Verdict: Buy!!!! (for FREE of course, get downloading now)

Competition Time WIN a juggernaut water bottle by #ProteinWorks

We are kicking January 2018 off with a fab competition!

You could win a juggernaut water bottle by Protein Works, these bottles hold a massive 64oz of water and are perfect for monitoring and ensuring you get enough water during your hard working day!

How to Enter:

  1. Visit our instagram page http://www.instagram.com/pieorbuy
  2. Follow us on instagram @pieorbuy
  3. Regram our competition post and #competition #pieorbuy
  4. Entry closes on 21/01/2018 @ 6PM GMT
  5. Winner Announced 22/01/2018

Good Luck!!!!

PIE OR BUY? UNO by Mattel (Review)

This is by far the best card game I have ever played. For £6.99 from amazon you can have a lot of fun with this.

By Mattel this card game originated in the USA and thank god it made it to the UK! For a minimum of 2 players you fight through matching colours and numbers, it’s a fast paced game with a twist and will get you on the edge of your seat!

A great family game which will get you on the edge of your seat, this is a must for any card game player.


Check out my review on the IOS/Android app version of UNO & Friends by Mattel IOS Iphone app (Review)

PIE OR BUY? Semtex by Jstjodie (Review)

I bought these as an aid for weight loss with it being the new year. These tablets are available on the jstjodie website and I have always been a fan of Jodie and her products. I bought these before a few years ago so I thought I would give them another go, but it turns out they have been a complete waste of money.

The instructions advise taking 2 tablets 35-40 mins prior to working out, so I did.

I got to the gym and almost immediately suffered severe stomach cramps, sweating and faintness. This very quickly led to an upset stomach and severe vomiting. I had also recommended these to a friend and they have had pretty much the same effect on her too.

They really did make me violently ill and I had to leave the gym with no workout! Not how I wanted my day to start.

My advice is to really take care when choosing and taking a fat burner and to probably stay well clear of buying these!


PIE OR BUY? Giant biscuits from MORRISONS (Review)

Who doesn’t love a biscuit with a cuppa?

Morrison’s are selling giant Bourbon biscuits and giant custard creams and these really are giant!!

£1.00 each we got excited this morning put the kettle on and gave them a try!  They taste awful, they are not authentic and in fact they taste of nothing at all!

They look fab but taste awful, your better off buying a packet of real biscuits.


PIE OR BUY? Pea & Pinto bean sticks by OFF THE EATEN PATH (Review)

If your heading to your local Sainsbury’s and your a crisp fan make sure you pick up a box of these!  I was hesitant at first but they are amazing!  They are really light and flavoursome, made from real Vegatables they are a good source of fibre.

For a 30g serving they are only 133 cal so if your walking through the crisp aisle defo grab these!!


PIE OR BUY? Vegan Protein Bundle by PROTEIN WORKS (Review)

I ordered this bundle last Sunday and it was with me by Monday – very quick delivery!

I bought the bundle after winning a discount code on SNATCH (you can see my previous post on snatch by clicking here)

This code enabled me to get a vegan bundle in either chocolate or strawberry all for £10.00 … YES £10.00.  The RRP on this is £42.96 which is an incredible saving just for playing SNATCH!

I wouldnt normally go for a vegan option and to be honest I didnt even realise there were vegan options when it comes to protein powders, but after finding out I cant have lactose this was the best option for me.

Whats in the bundle? Vegan Protein, a GIANT water bottle and a protein works shaker.

The protein can be mixed with milk or water, so I have been opting for water, and it tastes really good, especially with ice.

The website offers a whole range of bundles, proteins and at the moment they have a black Friday sale!  So go check them out Visit Protein Works

You should also really go play SNATCH if you havent downloaded it and are playing it already because you can really see what I saved here by snatching parcels!!!


PIE OR BUY? Tropical Twist E-Liquid by HOME VAPERS (Review & Discount Code)

If you’re new to vaping or a hardcore vaper, you will be quite accustomed to the flavours that are available on the vaping market at the moment, but if your looking for something a little different with a serious twist then you need to check out the brand new range of flavours from Home Vapers.
These guys have taken things to a whole new level by releasing some fab flavours such as Marshmelon, Tropical Twist, Lemon Tart and Coconut Sunset, you don’t want to miss out on these, they create a seriously good vape and they smell like heaven.

I recently tested Tropical Twist and I’m not normally a tropical person when it comes to vaping but jeeeesss this tastes just like the twister lollies, dropping me on a nostalgic cloud I was straight back to the 80’s on a hot summers day.  I have been vaping this for two weeks now and its constantly pleasuring my taste buds.

The packaging is important here because these bottles are like rockets, they come in a great size 50ml, no more messing around with 10ml bottles, these are daddy sized!  Finished with a snazzy little label they look really cool.

You can check out the new range by following this link: Visit HomeVapers

If you want to steal 10% off in November just use code PIEORBUY

My next review will be on the Lemon Tart, because I do love a tart, so it would be good to try it out!  Watch out for the new review soon!

PIE OR BUY? Magnetic Facemask Kit by AMOUR NOIR (Review)

I ordered this after seeing a short video posted by Charlotte Crosby who was endorsing it.

I ordered the kit direct from the amour noir website, £16.99 + postage and packaging and it was delivered very quickly.

It’s packaged up lovely in a gift box and comes with the mask, an applicator and the magnetic brush.

You apply the facemask with the applicator and leave it on for 10 minutes, then wrapping tissue and applying the magnetic wand over your face (not touching the skin) and it’s supposed to remove the facemask off your face.  Does it work? No!!

It’s a nightmare, the wand doesn’t really remove it that well at all so I’m thoroughly disappointed, maybe it wasn’t for me, but for the few times I have used it I have ended up wiping the excess off with a face wipe.


PIE OR BUY? Handmade all natural vegan soap by Babylon Tree (Review)

Made in Essex and manufactured by Babylon Tree this soap is devine.

I ordered the Litsea Cubeba & Bergamot because I’m in love with anything related to bergamot at the moment, the soap comes nicely packaged and I got a £5.00 gift code on my first order.  The soap smells so good better than any soap I have ever bought before, after bathing you can still smell the scent on your skin.
I will definitely be ordering more of this from Babylon Tree especially for gifts at Christmas.

You can take a look at what Babylon Tree have on offer by visiting there site Visit Babylon Tree


PIE OR BUY? Microwaveable Soup cup by Campbell’s (Review)

For two of your finest pounds this winter your soup solutions are solved!!

ASDA are currently selling these and we think they are fab.  They are made from plastic and with a cute little lid these are just perfect for soup on the go, soup in front of the TV or soup at your desk.  They completely change the soup game for us so don’t miss out before they are gone.

We literally love the concept and design and more importantly it’s BPA free.



The long awaited is finally here, we have been waiting months for this and we finally got our hands on one yesterday.  Yes it’s the new mini SNES by NINTENDO!
The box was much smaller than I thought it would be, and inside is the mini SNES no bigger than an average slice of bread!  It’s so bloody cut it’s unbelievable seriously nintendo you have done yourselves proud.

Loaded with 21 games, it comes with 2 normal sized controllers, a HDMI and a USB charging cable.

The graphics take you right back to the 80s with some of the best games Zelda, donkey kong country, super mario kart, contra III and many more!  For some of the games there is the save function which we never had on the original Super Nintendo.  This is great for any retro gamer and definitely the perfect Christmas present if you want to take your kid back into your old gaming days.

Priced at 69.99 nintendo have confirmed more will be released get your hands on one and don’t throw away the box ever!


PIE OR BUY? Premium lemonade by R Whites (Review)

I have definitely missed out this summer by not finding these sooner, R Whites premium lemonade I have found in two flavours so far, raspberry lemonade and pear and elderflower.

These are SO nice on ice and I reckon they would be even better with a dash of vodka or a splash of gin!!

Priced at £2.70 at a brewers fayre pub but Waitrose also sell them for around £1.50 a bottle.

If you spot these and you like a fruity refreshing drink or are having a party these are great for guests.  They really do have a premium quality about them.


PIE OR BUY? Apple Matcha skinny tea by MyMatcha (Review)

I have tried a few matcha teas and I have never really liked them, but this new matcha skinny tea by MyMatcha 🍵 is actually really tasty.  I tried the Apple but MyMatcha offer a whole range of flavours from original, raspberry, coconut and passion fruit.  They offer a trial bundle which is perfect if your new to matcha tea.

MyMatcha was founded by two young UK mums on a mission to aid healthy, post baby, weightloss and enhance mental clarity through a tiring time, and now having incorporated this into my morning routine its definately a good start to a long day in the office and you can have it either hot or cold, with water or almond milk!

The Apple flavour is really nice and I think that’s probably why so far I have liked this brand more than others because they offer it in flavours plus it’s really good value for money and comes in really cute packaging which you can easily carry around in your bad if your on the move.

Matcha gives you enhanced mental clarity and naturally aids weightloss, in fact green tea is the key ingredient in almost every single weight loss pill, tea and drink out there!  This stuff really does boost your mood, and at the same time helps you shift the pounds!

If your looking to try matcha definitely check these guys out Visit MY MATCHA

PIE OR BUY: Get healthy and detox BUY!